God-Des and She: Hip Hop Hot



GOD-DES AND SHE 2 X390 (PRESS KIT) | ADVOCATE.COMAlthough you two seem to be a perfect musical pair, you both have very different musical backgrounds. How did music play into your upbringing?
God-des: For SHE, music was her escape. Her parents worked so much they didn't have time to be involved in her music. She says if they would have pushed her to do it she probably wouldn't have. We are both very rebellious. My parents on the other hand were classical musicians. They told me, "Honey, you can do anything you want in the world, but please don't be a musician." And here I am! Sorry, Mom and Dad. I think what seals our musical chemistry is that we both have very eclectic taste in music. We feel influenced by anything and everything. We don't put ourselves in a box and feel free to create anything we like no matter what genre it fits in.

A few years ago, you were featured on the hit show The L Word. Did your appearance open many doors?  Did you feel a push toward mainstream popularity or did it seem that after this, a majority of the offers were LGBT related?
She: It opened doors for us all over the place. Of course since it is a queer show and we are a queer band, we have a very large LGBT fan base. We love performing and doing music for a job.  Gay folks make up a large part of society. If most LGBT folks support us, that will make us mainstream. God-Des & She Grammy 2012, baby! Let's do this!

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