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The Most Captivating Films of Frameline

From queer British history to repressed Brooklyn sexuality to Whitney's tortured life, the San Francisco LGBT film festival covers it all.

Justice in Buffalo

Queer youth are still fighting for dignity in one of New York State's largest cities. This month they found some justice. 

Is Buffalo Really the Most Homophobic City in America?

A gay son of the Queen City on what's really behind Buffalo's latest distinction.

Op-ed: Are Millennials More Racist Than Antigay?

For this Caucasian writer, coming out was a breeze. Dating a black guy -- that was a different story.

Op-ed: How My Life Improved By Dumping My Hookup Apps

Imagine what you can do when you're not consumed by Grindr and Tinder every waking moment.

18 Times Mom's Gaydar Failed

Was it the Wonder Woman costume or The Immaculate Collection on repeat? These men ponder the signs their mothers managed to miss when their sons were baby gays.

Gay Dads Get Their Own Social Media aims to make life less lonely for gay male parents.

Op-ed: Why LGBT Millennials Should Care About Adoption

LGBT equality is on the fast track in the United States, but if you think that adoption rights for gay and lesbian Millennials will just fall into place, think again.

Antigay Group Says India Got It Right

The Alliance Defending Freedom says India reversed the march to marriage equality with its ruling last week.

Wives Want To Know If Their Husbands Are Gay

It appears that more women are concerned if their husband is gay, rather than if they are an alcoholic, depressed or a sex addict.

Michelle Malkin Sells Twitter Aggregator to Christian Media Company

The Twitter-centic conservative website is sold after two years.

New Campaign Inspires LGBT Americans to Take Advantage of Obamacare

A campaign that was launched on National Coming Out Day is giving LGBT people the resources they need to make educated decisions about their health care coverage.

Coming Out As...Having OCD

For Jeffrey, it's the emphasis on "obsessive" that makes living with OCD a challenge.

Day of Decision Op-ed: Going Solo

We asked readers for personal stories about how the U.S. Supreme Court's highly anticipated ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act has consequences for their own lives. Jeffrey plans to stay introspective.

Marketer on How America Subconsciously Evolves on LGBT Rights

LGBT-targeted marketing is changing the world without it noticing.

God Des and She Hip Hop Hot

Just Another Statistic

Dare To Be Different