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Speaking of not worrying about what people think, you’re so comfortable with your body that you’re self-publishing a photo mini-magazine titled Pin-Up Show, which showcases some of your edgier nude modeling. What inspired you to do that?

Clive has been a huge inspiration to me of course. He is someone who's never lied about who he is and succeeded. I think art comes in all forms, and erotic art is really valid. It speaks to everyone’s base instincts.

I won’t put nudity on my site, however, because it tends to become the primary focus. I figured doing a little mini-mag would be a perfect way to show the work I’ve done with amazing photographers yet still keep it separate. I wanted to format it to be erotic but mostly fun and not taking itself too seriously.

But some of your work has in fact been taken very seriously because it has pushed boundaries, and you have even been called “controversial.” Where do you personally draw the line on what you will and will not do in front of the camera?
I really can’t say what I will and won’t do. It really varies by the project and my belief in it.

I can’t foresee a reason I’d ever have any actual sex on camera. That's kind of crossing a line for me. Nude modeling is also not what I want to base my career around.

Have you ever had a request you had to turn down --regarding a photo shoot or being photographed, that is?
 I will turn down shoots because I get a lot of photographers who assume off the bat that I'm willing to just get naked. Besides that, they usually don't even offer to pay, or have anything I feel will add to my portfolio.

I don’t really need more naked photos of me, but if I think the project is great, then I’ll do it. I do appreciate people asking, because sometimes a rare project does come along. I just don't want to offend anyone if I say no.

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