BY Duane Wells

September 11 2009 6:05 AM ET

1 pixel bad boy


What makes a photo sexy?
I think a sexy photo has a sense of intimacy and playfulness. It’s something that makes you look twice and almost haunts you. It’s not always explicit but has something extra going on in the photo. Some mood.And what do you find to be the sexiest body part?

I really think everyone has something that stands out about them. I know it’s cheesy, but I still think a person’s smile and laughter is the sexiest thing.

Now that you’re publishing your mini-mag, do you have any desire or ambitions to get behind the other side of the camera?
I think it’s a natural progression and very possible. It’s a little down the way, if at all. I do have some projects in mind where I’d have to be the photographer to get it done. I often come up with shoot ideas.

I feel if I were to become a photographer, I’d really have to do it 100%, and right now I'm not done with the other things in my life yet.

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