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 Joan's pretty unbridled with her comments. Does she ever say anything that’s too racy to make it on air?
of all, Joan is the nicest, sweetest woman. I’m trying to get that
message across because people might think she’s mean. My test for people
is if they’re nice to people around them, like waiters and assistants.
She is a dream. She knows when her jokes are too mean, but ultimately
it’s comedy. If it’s Jay Leno cracking these jokes, no one is going to
say, “He’s a bitch.” They’ll just think he’s funny. There’s a double
standard in comedy. If it’s a woman telling the jokes, she’s perceived
as being more mean than a man would be.

It’s been a tough
year for your cohosts. Kelly Osbourne's best friend, Amy, died and
Giuliana Rancic has battled breast cancer. Was it ever difficult to keep
things light?

Giuliana was so professional that we didn’t really
know what was going on. She’s a worker. Same with Kelly. We just have
fun. They’re all really great. We all love each other and have fun.
We’re kind of boring in that way. Maybe we need some on-set drama. I'm
not implying that our show isn't great already. I think another reason
that Fashion Police works is that it looks like a party that people would want to join.

You're very appealing on camera. Do you hope to eventually star in a spin-off reality series like Brad Goreski?
That’s never going
to happen. I don’t want to do that. I want to do a show where people
learn something and I give something back. I’m not interested in
displaying my personal life. I’d rather be able to share something with
the world besides drama. It makes for good television, but it’s just not
me. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like an asshole. [Laughs]

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