After 8
September 10 2010 4:00 AM ET

After 8

Advocate Contributors

California celebrates the defeat of Proposition 8, and though the party was short-lived, the enthusiasm captured in these images will certainly help fuel the continued battle for marriage equality.

A Day in Gay America Starring You
May 10 2010 2:20 PM ET

A Day in Gay America (Starring You!) Editors

You took the pictures. Now, it's time for you to send them in to be included in The Advocate's A Day in Gay America. The deadline is Friday, May 28.

Artist Spotlight Ryan Colford
March 13 2010 7:35 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Ryan Colford

Albert Smith

By exposing the male body both nude and clothed, Colford strives to remove layers of deception.

Artist Spotlight Kevin Amato
February 27 2010 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight Kevin Amato

Albert Smith

From sidewalk staring to street casting, photographer Kevin Amato says he finds beauty everywhere he looks.

Artist Spotlight Didio
February 06 2010 7:00 AM ET

Albert Smith

São Paulo photographer Didio says he enjoys observing the daily life of normal men. If these photographs tell us anything, it's that Brazil has raised the bar on what defines normal.

Artist Spotlight Tiger Munson
January 29 2010 5:40 PM ET

Albert Smith

From his series on gay bar restrooms to action figure headshots, photographer Tiger Munson says he wants his work to create a lasting testament to beauty of the moment as both a participant, and an observer.

Top Advocate Photos of the Year
January 06 2010 11:20 AM ET

Photos of the Year Editors

From Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham to comedian Wanda Sykes, take a look back at some of most memorable photos from the pages of The Advocate in 2009. 

Artist Spotlight Toky
December 11 2009 11:00 AM ET Editors

From architecture, music and design to photography, Toky is a man of many talents. But his favorite thing to do is simply capture a great image.

People Power
November 12 2009 11:00 AM ET

People Power

Jon Barrett

It was the next generation of activists who kick-started the National Equality March with a flash mob -- and it was 23-year-old David Valk who rallied the troops. spends a day on the ground with Valk in DC.

Caught in the Crossfire
October 12 2009 10:00 PM ET

Caught in the Crossfire

Advocate Contributors

These servicemembers put their lives on the line.

Out in Cuba
September 14 2009 10:00 AM ET

Advocate Contributors

Join photographer Byron Motley on a photo tour of Havana -- a journey few Americans get to take  -- and get up close and personal with Cuba’s gay and transgender community.

Building the Womyn's Music Festival
July 31 2009 12:00 AM ET

Building the Womyn's Music Festival Editors

Every August since 1976, womyn have gathered on private land in Michigan for the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. This is the story of the tireless crew that goes into making the 30-plus-year-old tradition come to life.

A Bar With a View
July 02 2008 12:00 AM ET

A Bar With a View

Charlotte Abbott

Slava Mogutin’s new book of photography captures the exotic nightlife of New York City go-go boys.