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It’s no surprise that fashion and queerness go together. Ask any queer person their thoughts on Crocs and you’ll likely get some kind of groan. But LGBT fashion isn’t just Carson Kressley and Tan France: it’s an active, dynamic community that influences the fashion world at large. LGBT fashion icons abound, from from Gianni Versace to Alexander McQueen, Laverne Cox to Kesha. The Advocate had everything you need to know about gay fashion, from the hottest new trends to helpful tips on how to bring your wardrobe into the 21st century.

The legend refuses to dish dirt on the late fashion designer Halston.

May 20 2019 9:24 PM

Model Tales Cott died on the runway just days ago and now Caroline Bittencourt has been found dead from drowning. 

April 29 2019 9:54 AM