Eric Stonestreet: Modern Family's Moon Man

From bumping butts with a TV legend to being showered with equal praise by the stroller set and the bear community, Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet is thrilled to be pushing the gay movement forward.




Have you played gay before Modern Family?
No, but I was in a pretty well-known gay art movie called Girls Will Be Girls. There was a bit in the script where my character’s fucking Jack Plotnick dressed as Evie Harris from behind on a piano. I had not seen that in the script — I still contend they snuck it in on me at some point — and when I showed up to shoot on my first day, that was the first scene I shot. But I was game, man, and it was hilarious. It was a really great lesson for me because I showed up thinking, What in the hell have I gotten myself into? We were shooting at the director-producer’s house and he was painting one room while we were shooting in another, so it was guerrilla filmmaking at its best. But then I saw it and was just blown away by how good it was. I’m so proud of that movie, and it’s featured very prominently on my reel.
You also appeared as an obese death row inmate in an episode of Nip/Tuck last year.
Most people only know me as a dramatic actor on procedural dramas like that because those are the parts I’ve been getting for 13 years, so that’s why it’s go great to play Cameron. Nip/Tuck actually conflicted with me shooting the pilot of Modern Family, so when they offered me the part I had to say no, but Tate Donovan, who was directing the episode, and Ryan Murphy moved things around for me to make it work. I didn’t actually meet Ryan while I was shooting that, but I’ve met him since then because of Glee and seeing him at the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and different places.

Glee stole some of Modern Family’s thunder at those award shows.
Yeah, we were “whatever” with the Golden Globes, but we did want to win the SAG Award. Good for Glee, but hopefully we’ll go at it again next year. But, you know, this year I was disappointed Modern Family didn’t get a SAG Award, and exactly one year ago this week I was pissed because I couldn’t get an audition for Modern Family, so my year has been great.

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