Patti Stanger may have finally met her match in 39-year-old banker turned clothing designer Doug Donahoo, who she tried to pair off with the perfect man in tonight's episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker.

After enjoying a successful career in private banking, Donahoo decided his passion was with environmental awareness. So he founded 4-rth (For Earth), a line of eco-friendly
sustainable clothing made from fabrics including bamboo and organic cotton. He's even determined that his estate be left to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an organization that lobbies Congress and promotes conservation of the environment, working against urban sprawl, pollution, and habitat destruction.

In line with his passion for the environment, Tuesday night's episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker is all green.

Donahoo took time to talk to The Advocate about living an eco-friendly life, what Stanger is really like, and what he is looking for in a man.
The Advocate: The episode you appear in has a very special theme. Can you tell our readers a little more about it?

Doug Donahoo: 
Our episode is being cast as the eco-friendly episode because the other millionaire has an eco-friendly business. Our hour is focused around eco-sensitive themes. The other millionaire took her date on a toxic dump tour in Long Beach. It was not very romantic, but the emphasis of the show was to bring environmental awareness to her viewing audience because I don’t think it has ever been discussed on her show.
How are you doing your part to preserve the environment?

I drive a hybrid vehicle, I’m very sensitive about how much I use, I’m very sensitive about recycling, and I’m very proactive in terms of teaching my friends how to be more conscious of the environment. I lecture them if we’re out and I see them do something that’s not eco-sensitive. 

Does your ideal match have to be eco-sensitive as well?

I think everyone should be more conscious of how they’re impacting the planet. If they’re not, they need to be open to the idea. They can’t be somebody who does not care. How can they not care?

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