The World’s a Stage



What have you learned about the theater community?
I guess what I’ve learned is my biggest fear is that musically I’m of a certain generation and I’m not sure whether to pander to the younger generation.

What do you think the median age of the audience is?
Sixty. These audiences, when they die off, I don’t see anybody replacing them.

What was the show for you where you’ve said, "I’ve lost touch with musical theater"?
Cats. I can’t bear that show. Musically, I don’t like Rent. I thought it was silly. But I loved Next to Normal. I was completely gone over that musical. I loved Spring Awakening. Absolutely flipped for it. I guess if you tell your story right, I like it.

Is there anything that needs to be said about your experience with STAGE?
In giving, we all give to the charity. That’s our donation, is our talent. But I have to say in return, for the actor, some of them are cast in Broadway shows from the benefit. I know it seems such a strange thing to say, a good turn comes back, it’s multiplied for you. I don’t know if that makes any sense. Betty Garrett got Meet Me in St. Louis [when] the casting director called for an archival tape and I sent it. It’s given back a hundredfold for people that have been seen in a song or something they normally wouldn’t be cast in. That’s all out of trying to do a good thing.

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