Seat Filler: NYC Theater Guide for November 2012

The Advocate’s man on the New York theater scene drops acid with bisexual Ivy Leaguers, drives to Disney World with gay besties, munches quiche with five lesbians, and much more.



Wild With Happy
The Big Gay Sketch Show alum Colman Domingo shines as both playwright and star of this very funny and fanciful semi-autobiographical story of loss. Domingo’s a hoot as prickly, guilt-ridden Gil, a struggling gay actor who, coping with the death of his mother, winds up on an ultimately sentimental road trip to Disney World with his flirty funeral director, his outrageously animated aunt Glo, and a scene-stealing Maurice McRae as his flamboyant best friend.
Public Theater, through November 11.

In the Summer Pavilion
In Paul David Young’s ambitious and haunting drama, recent Princeton grads — one woman and two seemingly bisexual men — drop acid and hallucinate multiple futures for their sexually fluid trio, including every romantic pairing imaginable. With scruffy looks like an American Apparel underwear model, Ryan Barry is a standout as Ben, who seems happiest, albeit only briefly, in a gay relationship with Meena Dimian’s closeted Middle Eastern heir.
59E59 Theaters, through November 3.

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