Barney Frank
Read the latest news about Barney Frank, who is considered one of the most prominent gay politicians in the United States. A graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, Barney Frank went on to represent the 4th district of Massachusetts in the U.S. House of Representatives for several decades. He is also the former chair of the House Financial Services Committee. Frank was the first congressman to come out as gay of his own accord. Moreover, his former partner, Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses, was the first spouse to receive benefits from a same-sex partner in Congress.
WATCH: Barney Frank Dishes on Cynicism and the Macarena With Seth Meyers
May 02 2014 2:05 PM ET

WATCH: Barney Frank on Cynicism and the Macarena

Jase Peeples

The gay political pioneer shares his feelings on the new documentary about his life and why some songs were banned from his wedding.

WATCH: Barney's Frank's Emotional ENDA Pitch Still Resonates
November 06 2013 4:59 PM ET

WATCH: Frank's Emotional ENDA Pitch Still Resonates

Sunnivie Brydum

Although the gay congressman retired from the House earlier this year, his very personal pitch to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act back in 2007 is still relevant today.