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Miley Cyrus Confirms: 'I'm Pansexual'

Miley Cyrus Confirms: 'I'm Pansexual'

Before now, the pop singer has danced around publicly defining her sexuality, refusing to be labeled and calling herself 'open to every single thing.' Now, she's made that official.

STUDY: Women Are More Likely to Be Bisexual Than Men

STUDY: Women Are More Likely to Be Bisexual Than Men

A new study from Notre Dame shows women’s sexual identities are more ‘flexible’ than men’s.

STUDY: 1 in 3 American Young Adults Identify on Bisexual Spectrum

STUDY: 1 in 3 Young Adults in U.S. Identify as Bisexual

A new study finds 31 percent of Americans under 30 say they are not '100% heterosexual.'

STUDY: Half of British Young Adults 'Not 100 Percent Heterosexual'

London Calling: 1 in 2 Young Adult Britons Is Bisexual

According to researchers, almost a quarter of Britons surveyed say they are not exclusively heterosexual, and for adults age 18-24, that number jumps to almost half.

New Details on Lady Gaga’s Role in 'American Horror Story'

New Details on Lady Gaga’s Role in American Horror Story

The bisexual singer is going to be playing a bisexual character on the newest season of FX's AHS.

WATCH: This Family's Response to Anti-LGBT Vandalism Is the Best

WATCH: Family's Colorful Response to Anti-LGBT Vandalism

The Delong family decided to cover up hate speech with a rainbow display of love.

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