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Taylor Tomlinson explores bisexuality in new special ‘Have It All’

Taylor Tomlinson performing
Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Netflix

“So, anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m bisexual, or if I just binged Euphoria too fast,” Tomlinson said.

After Midnight host and comedian Taylor Tomlinson is opening up about exploring her sexuality in her new special Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All.

Tomlinson spends much of the special talking about her dating life, starting off by saying that she recently went through a breakup.

She then brought up how her anxiety makes it so she always continues to date the same type of guy, something her three queer siblings constantly make fun of her for.

“Do you know how hard it is to continue to date straight men when you’re surrounded by three queer relationships up close?” she joked. “Queer relationships are the most beautiful, thoughtful, creative things I’ve ever seen in my life. My sister and her partner are in a romance novel.”

After telling some nightmare stories about the men she’s dated, Tomlinson shifted gears.

“So, anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m bisexual, or if I just binged Euphoria too fast,” she quips. “Cause I’ve been trying to date women, but it is so hard. I don’t know how to get women to like me.”

“I know how to get men to like me, It’s easy, you just trick ‘em,” she said. “Hitting on women is so much harder. It feels so much more delicate. Like, hitting on a woman feels like trying to skip a stone on a lake, hitting on a man feels like throwing a brick through a window.”

Tomlinson then joked that she talked to a friend about her exploration of her sexuality. “It’s scary to just say you’re bisexual, cause then someone’s always like, ‘fuckin’ prove it. Here’s a picture of Margot Robbie, are you wet? Let me feel.”

She also brought her anxiety back into it, joking that the reason she hasn’t gone down on a girl before is that she’s scared she’ll be bad at it.

“My brother is trans, my sister is gay, and I identify as afraid. I am so afraid of failure I can’t even stick with new hobbies as an adult, how the fuck am I supposed to get good at – getting good at going down on women to me would be like learning how to play the piano, I would love to have that skill,” she said. “I would love to bust that shit out at parties, impress everyone. But I don’t have the time or humility to sit down and learn new fingerings.”

“I already know how to play the clarinet, it is not my passion but I have the respect of my peers. I have many years of experience under my belt, under someone’s belt, under some belts,” she continued. “When I was a kid, I didn’t know there was another option. When I was a kid they were like ‘you’re a girl, play the clarinet,’ and I was like, ‘what about piano, could I play piano if I want?’ and they were like, ‘sure you can play piano… if you want to go to fucking hell!”

Tomlinson recently started hosting the late-night comedy panel game show After Midnight, a CBS reboot of the Comedy Central show @midnight. The show was announced as a replacement for The Late Late Show after James Corden stepped down from hosting that show.

After Midnight currently airs on CBS every weeknight after The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All is streaming on Netflix.

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