June July 2016
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Website Re-Launches to Fund Project for LGBT Causes

Website Re-Launches to Fund Project for LGBT Causes

A mutual agreement re-establishing Amazon Payments as the funding processor for LGBT projects listed on Apps Genius Corp’s crowdfunding website, GetGayFunded.com, was reached by the two companies resulting in the site’s re-launch on March 9.

Additionally, Amazon Payments also agreed to continue processing funds that had previously been pledged for various LGBT projects, a sum of nearly $7,000, before GetGayFunded.com temporarily shut down on February 19.

"It was very important for us to work with Amazon Payments to process the money that had been pledged for those projects already," Adam Kotkin, chief executive officer of Apps Genius, the company that developed and operates GetGayFunded.com, said in a press release dated March 14. "We appreciate the tremendous outpouring of support from the public to get our website back online and we are grateful to Amazon Payments for working through this issue so GetGayFunded.com can go back to work providing much-needed funding support for LGBT community projects."

GetGayFunded.com is a website that uses Apps Genius' proprietary crowdfunding platform and is specifically designed to meet the unique crowdfunding needs of the LGBT community. The site is a place where both businesses and individuals can post their projects and others have the opportunity to pledge to projects they find interesting or beneficial.