Some Transgender Protesters Leave Occupy Wall Street Over Safety Concerns
November 09 2011 4:25 PM ET

 Some Transgender Protesters Leave Occupy Wall Street Over Safety Concerns

Diane Anderson-Minshall

At least 28 LGBT protesters have left Occupy Wall Street over safety concerns.

Google Microsoft Starbucks Say DOMA Hurts Their Businesses
November 04 2011 3:01 PM ET

Google, Microsoft, Starbucks Say DOMA Hurts Business

Lucas Grindley

Top U.S. companies including Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks took the unusual step on Thursday of legally documenting their opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Minnesotas Big Businesses Quiet on Marriage Ban
October 25 2011 7:14 PM ET

Minnesota's Big Businesses Quiet on Marriage Ban

Michelle Garcia

Minnesota's top companies are keeping mum on where they stand in the gay marriage fight.

Apples Newest Product Gay iCon
October 19 2011 4:00 AM ET

 Apple’s Newest Product: Gay iCon?

Lucas Grindley

Apple might have made history, if its CEO chooses to confirm it.

Cop Punches HIV-Positive Wall Street Protester
October 14 2011 5:56 PM ET

HIV-Positive Occupy Protester Who Got Punched: "That Cop Should Get Tested"

Michelle Garcia

A police officer was caught on camera assaulting an HIV-positive protester involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement Friday.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global
October 06 2011 6:20 PM ET

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global 

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The Occupy Wall Street protest gained more strength today as protesters across the nation attracted media attention while marching in their own cities.

Steve Jobs Visionary of Apple Has Died Share Your Memories
October 05 2011 9:58 PM ET

Steve Jobs, Visionary of Apple, Has Died; Share Your Memories

Lucas Grindley

Steve Jobs and his creation, Apple, transcended borders both real and political with the power of invention. So it is no wonder that condolences are coming in from the LGBT community. Share yours here.

Alaska Judge Rules in Favor of Same Sex Tax Exemptions
September 21 2011 7:45 PM ET

Alaska Judge Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Tax Exemptions

Winston Gieseke

An Alaska state judge has ruled that same-sex couples are legally entitled to the same senior citizen and disabled veteran property tax exemptions as opposite-sex couples.

Minn Reps Urge IRS to Assist Same Sex Couples with Tax Issues
September 19 2011 7:50 PM ET

Minn. Reps Urge IRS to Assist Same-Sex Couples with Tax Issues

Winston Gieseke

Two U.S. reps from Minnesota are asking the IRS to provide information that assists same-sex couples in filing their federal taxes.

Too Little Too Late on Gender Identity Protections
September 13 2011 8:00 AM ET

Too Little, Too Late on Gender Identity Protections? 


As the political frenzy over job creation and unemployment heightens, comprehensive gender identity employment protections remain elusive.

Going Corporate It Gets Better
September 13 2011 4:40 AM ET

Going Corporate: It Gets Better

Michelle Garcia

Some companies not only assure that their employees safe and welcome at work, they also want to let young people know that life does indeed get better after high school. 

Keisling Obama Plan Good for Trans People
September 09 2011 8:35 PM ET

Keisling: Obama Plan Good for Trans People

Trudy Ring

The jobs proposal announced by President Obama Thursday may be particularly helpful to transgender Americans, who are “disproportionately likely to be among the long-term unemployed,” says Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Phoenix Suns CEO Quits Lets Job Offers Roll in After Coming Out
September 09 2011 3:56 PM ET

Phoenix Suns CEO Tells About Loads of Job Offers, Then Quits

Lucas Grindley

Phoenix Suns president and CEO Rick Welts had been the first and only openly gay senior executive of a men’s professional sports team.

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