WATCH: Jon Stewart 'Sort of' Stands With Fox News in Defending Duck Dynasty Star

'It's ZZ Top, not ZZ Bottom,' jokes Stewart while pointing out the ignorance of both Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and the Fox News reporters who defend him. Stewart does believe, however, that Robertson shouldn't be booted from the show for 'saying stupid shit.'



On last night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart slammed the hypocrisy of Fox News for defending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's right to make homophobic remarks in the media."Their belief in free speech doesn't extend to the holidays when the word 'Christmas' is mandatory," Stewart said. He cited several examples of Fox News correspondents pressuring people to use the phrase "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."

Stewart did, however, stand with Fox News on Robertson's right to free speech. "I think what the guy said was ignorant, but I also have an inclination to support a world where saying ignorant shit on television doesn't get you kicked off that medium."

Watch the full clip below:

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