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Oped Lessons of 911 Remind Us That Equality Matters

Op-ed: Lessons of 9/11 Remind Us That Equality Matters

Capt. Joan Darrah reflects on what it would have meant for her partner, who was still kept secret from the military in 2001, if she had been killed in an attack on the Pentagon.

Oped Same Church Different Song of Equality

 Op-ed: Same Church, Different Song of Equality

As supporters of gay rights were kicked out of Southern Missionary Baptist Church last week, Terry Angel Mason was reminded of the church’s better days fighting for equality.

Op-ed: A Letter-Writing Campaign to the Next Generation

Op-ed: A Letter-Writing Campaign to the Next Generation 

A night out at a Dallas bar left Donnie Pangburn sure that an understanding of the impact of HIV and AIDS hasn’t been passed down from one generation to the next.

Oped The Day Larry Kramer Dissed Me and My Math

Beware the Pitfalls of Estimating the Number of LGBT People

The author on a Williams Institute study of the size of the LGBT population explains why the numbers have set off such a firestorm.

Op-ed The Culture of Satanic Panic

Op-ed: The Culture of Satanic Panic 

The superstition that helped convict three innocent men in West Memphis is the same concept still used against LGBT people — a phenomenon called Satanic panic.

Oped Dont Be Fooled By a False Conversion

Op-ed: Don’t Be Fooled By a False Conversion

When religious magazine Sojourners refused an ad that promoted acceptance of LGBT congregants, did it send a signal that GLAAD couldn’t squelch simply by placing a new ad?

Oped The Tragic Consequence of Being an Anonymous Minority Statistic

Op-ed: The Tragic Consequences of Being an Anonymous Minority Statistic

Author Terry Angel Mason says it’s not only the black churches that are to blame for violence against LGBT people of color.

Op-ed 30 Years Later Fighting Your Molester

Op-ed: 30 Years Later, Fighting Your Molester

Advocate contributor Frank Spinelli talks about what it was like to bring to justice the Boy Scout leader who had abused him more than 30 years earlier.

Letting Go of Trans Privilege My Bathroom Transition

Op-ed: My Bathroom Transition, and Letting Go of Trans Privilege

There is one special right in the workplace so particular to Nick Krieger that he refers to it as trans privilege: his own private bathroom.

Op-ed: There Are Such Things as Fairies

Op-ed: There Are Such Things as Fairies

Someone had to believe marriage equality would happen with the same certainty that Dan Bucatinsky observed from his daughter about the Tooth Fairy.

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