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Oped Why Our Family Is Fighting DOMA

Op-ed: Why Our Family Is Fighting DOMA

Army Lt. Col. Victoria Hudson, who is suing the federal government for equal access to benefits, explains how the Defense of Marriage Act harms military families.

Oped What's Love Got To Do With It

 Op-ed: What's "Love" Got To Do With It?

Dan Bucatinsky explores the meaning of “love” as it relates to those boots he adores like children, and those children he adores like boots.

Lesbian Outrage Over Kim Kardashian

Lesbian Outrage Over Kim Kardashian  

The Real L Word stars Jill Goldstein and Nikki Weiss-Goldstein's open letter to Kim Kardashian.

Oped On Becoming Judy Garland

Op-ed: On Becoming Judy Garland

When the bullies try to bring you down, there is a diva inside who won’t quit — at least that’s what it’s like for impersonator Peter Mac.

Advice: When Facebook Has a Relationship Status Surprise

Advice: Facebook's Relationship Status Surprises

Question: I’d been dating someone for a couple of months, and it was intense enough at first that we both quickly changed our Facebook status to “in a relationship” without ever talking abo

Oped HPV Infection Is a Gay Men Health Crisis

 Op-ed: HPV Infection Is a Gay Men’s Health Crisis

Discomfort with sexuality in general, and homophobia in particular, have played an insidious role in delaying needed HPV vaccine recommendations for boys, writes Dr. Ilan H. Meyer of The Williams Institute.

Oped Shepards Say Obama Will Move This Country Forward

 Op-ed: Shepards Say Obama Will “Move This Country Forward”

The parents of Matthew Shepard reflect on what it’s meant that, two years ago today, the president signed a hate crimes bill that invokes the name of their son who was murdered.

Oped A New and Better Way of Preventing Bullying

 Op-ed: A New and Better Way of Preventing Bullying

A new law intended to prevent bullying presents schools with an either-or scenario in which neither the kid who bullies nor the kid who is bullied come out ahead. But there is a third way, says Daniel Zingale.

Oped What Will It Take for Americans to Help Iranians

Op-ed: What Will It Take for Americans to Help Iranians?

Iran’s regime executes and abuses LGBT people, sometimes forcing them to change genders, and it goes largely unchallenged by Americans who are much better off.

Oped Zachary Quinto Needs Our Help

Op-ed: Zachary Quinto Needs Our Help

Quinto's revelation is just the start of the final showdown on whether things in Hollywood change. And James Duke Mason says LGBT people can help ensure the status quo does not remain.

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