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Oped Our Groups Need More Color in Their Rainbow

Op-ed: Our Groups Need More Color in Their Rainbow 

LGBT organizations need more racially diverse leaders, and there are a number of resolvable reasons why they are now lacking, argues Jimmy Nguyen.

Oped How LGBT Families Have Changed in 30 Years

Op-ed: How LGBT Families Have Changed in 30 Years 

The Family Equality Council was formed in 1979, and while much progress has been made to ensure gay parents can’t have their children stolen away, there is much left to do.

Oped Disliking Us Is No Longer a Legal Rationale

Op-ed: Disliking Us Is No Longer a Legal Rationale 

What the appeals court judges said in their ruling on Proposition 8’s constitutionality will have far-reaching consequences, and that has our opponents freaking out.

Oped A Gay Girl Reflects on Super Bowl XLVI

Op-ed: A Gay Girl Reflects on Super Bowl XLVI 

Was Madonna able to do the impossible? Did she get gay men to watch football in such droves that this year’s Super Bowl broke viewing records?

Oped Why We Are Fighting Meth

Op-ed: Why We Are Fighting Meth 

Op-ed: Why We Are Fighting Meth

Advice Two Weddings Two Sets of Gifts

Advice: Two Weddings, Two Sets of Gifts?

Question: In a recent column, Miss Manners wrote that “etiquette considers wedding presents to be associated only with first weddings” and that it is “blatant avarice” when couples are “per

Advice When Google Reveals Too Much About You

Advice: When Google Reveals Too Much About You 

Question: I know that just about everybody Googles their dates before going out with them the first time.

Oped The T Word Hasnt Changed We Have

Op-ed: The T-Word Hasn’t Changed, We Have 

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Jake Finney responds to RuPaul and others and explains that the T-Word has always been inappropriate but few stood up for themselves.

Oped Its Time to Win in Maine

Op-ed: It’s Time to Win in Maine 

The national campaign director at Freedom to Marry is opposed to voting on the rights of any minority group. But when it comes to Maine, he explains why he supports activists’ ballot initiative.

Oped A Model for Divorce Even When Marriage Isnt an Option

Op-ed: A Model for Divorce, Even When Marriage Isn’t Legal

When state law doesn’t recognize a same-sex couple’s relationship, a breakup doesn’t come with the rulebook it would otherwise. But collaborative family law could help.

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