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Bench Stregth Iowa Justices

Bench Strength

Advocate contributor and award-winning lawyer Jimmy Nguyen says the Election Day ousting of three pro-marriage equality Supreme Court justices in Iowa marked a sad day for judicial independence.    

Rainn Wilson Comes Out

Rainn Wilson Comes Out (Sorta)

The Office and Six Feet Under actor Rainn Wilson ponders life's big questions with his SoulPancake project. Here he shares a secret he's kept from his parents and asks if your family sees the real you.

Ginsberg and Me

Ginsberg and Me

Advocate contributor Matthew Hays remembers his brush with legendary poet, author, and activist Allen Ginsberg, played by James Franco in the new film Howl.

Kevin Richberg My First 20 Dates

My First 20 Dates

Twenty dates into his 30-date journey, Kevin Richberg looks back on what he's learned, what he's liked, and why he doesn't worry about a Men's Fitness model not liking him.

The Church Door Must Not Be the Closet Door

The Church's Closet Door

The Reverend Darlene Garner says the closet door and closeted pastors are warping the church and killing young people.

Senator Duane Seen It All Before.

Duane: Seen It All Before

New York State senator Thomas Duane says Obama's appeal of the anti-DOMA ruling is just the latest example of a politician claiming to be a friend of LGBTs while at the same time insisting his hands are tied.

Jincey Lumpkin Naked Ambition Under Pressure

Naked Ambition: Under Pressure

Lesbian porn director Jincey Lumpkin leaves her adventures in the adult entertainment industry behind this week to talk about her own brush with suicide and why LGBT teens just need to hang on.

Kevin Richberg Gay Dating is Not Dead

Gay Dating Is Not Dead

With 11 dates down and 19 to go, Kevin Richberg says his "30 Dates in 30 Days" challenge is showing him a beautiful new side of gay life.

Michael Lucas Says Do Svidaniya Russia

Michael Lucas is Done With Russia

Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas rejects the brutality and intolerance of his homeland by renouncing his Russian citizenship.

Selective Outrage

Selective Outrage

COMMENTARY: Gays call out the hypocrisy and homophobia of conservative Christianity with remarkable élan. Why isn’t Islam being held to the same standard?

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