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Op-ed: Republicans Promised I'd Be Speaking Arabic by Now

Op-ed: GOP Promised I'd Be Speaking Arabic by Now

I was waiting for so much doom and gloom after 2012, but all I got was a lousy Prius (and I still can't speak much Arabic).

Op-ed: The NFL’s Uphill Cultural Battle Starts With Its Subtle Bigotry

Op-ed: NFL Only Starting on Uphill Cultural Battle

The NFL faces an uphill cultural battle, when there are still figures involved, like Deion Sanders, who believe being gay is a choice.

Op-ed: Changing When Health Care Does More Harm Than Good

Op-ed: Changing When Health Care Does More Harm Than Good

There may be more access to health care for transgender people, but it doesn't mean things are better.

Op-ed: 'Big Gay Love' Advice for Asians in America

Op-ed: 'Big Gay Love' Advice for Asians in America

The director of Big Gay Love shares the struggles of being an Asian man in the American gay community.

Op-ed: You May Not Realize It, But Your Right to Vote Is Being Suppressed

Op-ed: Yes, Your Vote Is Being Suppressed

LGBT voters of all races, genders, and economic levels are meeting more roadblocks to vote than anyone would have imagined in 2014.

Op-ed: Pedro Zamora, Twenty Years Later

Op-ed: Pedro Zamora, 20 Years Later

Twenty years after his death, HIV and AIDS activist Pedro Zamora's legacy remains crucial in the the fight against the virus.

Op-ed: Why An Ad Featuring A Transgender Woman Means So Much

Op-ed: Why An Ad Featuring A Trans Woman Means So Much

A new national CDC campaign features a transgender woman as its spokesperson for the first time ever.

Op-ed: Queer Bodies Deserve Sharpe Suits Too

Op-ed: Something Borrowed, Something Butch

Trans designer Leon Wu's latest project is an effort to address the lack of suitable styles for genderqueer, butch, and transgender customers.

Op-ed: 6 Gay Cliches That Are Totally True

Op-ed: 6 Gay Clichés That Are Totally True

Tyler Curry says being a gay man is a lot more complex than our stereotypes might let on ... sort of.

Op-ed: Why We're Telling the U.N. That Conversion Therapy Is Torture

Op-ed: Why The U.N. Must Consider The Cruelty Behind Ex-Gay Therapy

Conversion therapy isn't just snake oil. It's poison.

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