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Writer and singer Tony Cointreau basks in his golden anniversary with husband Jim Russo.

August 02 2016 6:33 AM

Lucian B. Wintrich presents a five-part defense of queer conservatives.

August 02 2016 6:07 AM

LGBT folks are a generous lot — just not when it comes to our own causes. Take today is a day to give back to queer causes, writes Roger Doughty of the nonproft Horizons Foundation.

August 02 2016 5:31 AM

We must continuously challenge the idea that we are the aggressors in the current culture wars.

August 01 2016 5:33 AM

Preparing your child for a transphobic world doesn't have to be scary. Take a deep breath, and then follow these recommendations.

August 01 2016 5:04 AM

"Intersectionality" isn't just a buzzword. It's a reality that all LGBT people must understand.

July 30 2016 8:12 AM

As this mama bear struggles to protect her trans daughter from the world, she crafts a message to those who may do her child harm.

July 29 2016 5:58 AM