Amid Email Controversy, Proof Hillary Clinton Is (and Has Been) Pro-LGBT

Amid Email Controversy, Proof Hillary Clinton Is (and Has Been) Pro-LGBT

Although she's been criticized for her evolving stance on marriage equality, Hillary Clinton's newly released personal emails show she has been supporting LGBT human rights for a while.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s New Tearjerking Marriage Equality Video

WATCH: Hillary’s New Tearjerking Marriage Equality Ad

If Hillary's latest video on marriage equality doesn't make your eyes well with tears of joy, we don't know what will.

Lindsey Graham Wants to Be the John McCain of 2016

The Candidate Running for President Who's Never Emailed

The longtime bachelor and Republican senator famous for saying 'I ain't gay' announces his bid for the White House.

Conservative Commentator's Tasteless, Transphobic Tweet

This Is The Meanest Tweet You'll Read Today

When Bill Kristol poked fun at Martin O'Malley's support for transgender Americans on twitter, his followers poked back, with derision and disgust.

Is Marriage Equality Pioneer Martin O'Malley The Anti-Hillary Candidate for President?
May 30 2015 3:16 PM ET

O'Malley Highlights LGBT Record in Run For White House

The former governor and early proponent of same sex marriage is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Hillary Clinton's Rainbow Logo Leads Politicians Proclaiming 'Love Can't Wait'
April 28 2015 11:15 AM ET

Hillary Clinton Leads Politicians Proclaiming 'Love Can't Wait'

The presumptive Democratic candidate for president went over the rainbow to call on the Supreme Court to embrace marriage equality nationwide.

Gay 'Focus' of Clinton Campaign Ad Enrages Christian Critics

Christian Critics: Hillary Ad Basically a Queer as Folk Episode

A gay man narrated the ad and lesbians "caressed" each other during it, according to conservatives.

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