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The Senate passed the measure by a wide margin, sending it to the House, where it has much support. But will Gov. Charlie Baker sign it?

May 12 2016 9:11 PM

Boston's mayor raised the flag in a show of support for the trans community in Massachusetts.

May 03 2016 3:59 PM

Gov. Charlie Baker still hasn't actually endorsed the pending public accommodations legislation, but today he gave strong indications of support.

April 21 2016 10:28 PM

Why is the first state to legalize same-sex marriage dragging its feet on transgender protections?

April 19 2016 6:14 AM

Trans activists say Gov. Charlie Baker's neutral stance on LGBT policy isn't enough.

April 15 2016 9:43 AM

Dr. Paul Church has lost his affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center over emails and website posts denouncing 'sexual perversions.'

January 07 2016 4:09 PM