TV Director, Creator Paris Barclay to Receive Upton Sinclair Award



The prolific television director Paris Barclay will be honored for his contributions to LGBT and African-American representation by the nonprofit Liberty Hill organization.

Barclay, openly gay, will receive the Upton Sinclair award, named after the muckraking journalist and author of The Jungle, at the Upton Sinclair Awards Dinner in Los Angeles on May 9. Barclay directed hundreds of TV shows, from ER to The Good Wife to Glee to Smash. He also created City of Angels, a show that centered on African-American doctors. Barclay, who previously served as a columnist for The Advocate, will next direct a film about Barbara Jordan, an African-American woman from Texas elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1970s.

The Liberty Hill Foundation is a Los Angeles-based philanthropic organization that supports social justice.

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