Tania Nichole Dunbar, an Army officer and advocate for LGBT people in the military, was found dead Sunday.

July 21 2015 6:08 PM

Friends remember U.S. Air Force veteran Jess Shipps, best known to friends as 'Jessie' the 'Lumberchick.'

July 03 2015 6:00 AM

Macnee was best known as the dapper spy John Steed in the gay-beloved 1960s series The Avengers.

6:17 PM

The 31-year-old Air Force veteran is remembered for helping others through work with SPARTA and through YouTube videos.

June 24 2015 7:16 AM

One of his most lauded roles was as the leader of a gay biker gang, but the British actor is best remembered for his iconic work as a master villain.

June 11 2015 10:00 AM

Although he called himself an illusionist rather than a drag performer, he certainly brought drag to the mainstream.

June 02 2015 6:23 PM

The eldest son of Vice President Joe Biden, an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, died after a long battle with brain cancer.

May 30 2015 10:43 PM Updated

The novelist, who also wrote under the pseudonym Esther Garber, was a pioneer among female writers.

May 26 2015 7:21 PM

The Nobel Prize-winning mathematician and his wife, portrayed in the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, were killed in a car accident Saturday.

5:40 PM

The Chicago resident worked for LGBT rights for 50 years, making an impact on the state, local, and national levels.

May 19 2015 7:00 AM