Stop the Hate: Vote No on 8 

Activist Robin Tyler enlists the help of some notable friends and takes the campaign against California's proposed gay marriage ban into her own hands. 



Lisa Thrasher Robin Tyler Camryn Manhiem (POWER UP) | ADVOCATE.COM

Lisa Thrasher, Robin Tyler, Camryn Manhiem

On camera, Sara
Ramirez -- now playing lesbian(ish) on Grey’s
-- invoked justice: “Fundamental
rights are exactly that. They should neither wait for
popular acceptance nor be revoked when it is

Lahti’s message: “I am married to a man -- the
same man for 25 years. If we got a divorce -- which we
won't, but if we ever did -- I promise you it would
not be the fault of the same-sex couples who have been
getting married this summer and showering California with

Young gay stars
like Heather Matarazzo and Wilson Cruz showed up; so did
hetero up-and-comers like Melonie Diaz, who’s gone
from playing gay in last year’s Itty Bitty
Titty Committee
to wrapping an upcoming movie
with Alfred Molina, Debra Messing, and John Leguizamo.

On camera and
off, Tyler’s slogan was repeated all day. But how
will it reach the voters? She hopes to see her Prop. 8
spots on YouTube and in e-mail queues on college
campuses. She’ll offer the ads free to any
interest groups who want it as the election nears.
“We’re gonna edit it and send it all
over and see who picks up on it.”

Whatever happens,
she won’t be falling in line behind a strategy that
soft-pedals the fact that marriage equality means marriage
for actual gays and lesbians. “Our greatest
weakness,” she told me as the shoot wrapped,
“is our desire to be liked.”

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