Obama's First 100 Days Prove Inclusive

Though the president's first 100 days did not include the signing of major LGBT legislation, advocates say the Administration has set the stage for a string of LGBT wins.



Though many were happy
to see an early emphasis on domestic HIV/AIDS policy, Robinson
noted that none of the 14 partner organizations listed by the
CDC to help address the disease in the African-American
community were LGBT organizations.

"The African-American
component included a number of African-American organizations,
but none of them have any real experience or expertise in
working with LGBT people, particularly not around an issue that
carries with it as much emotion and bias as something dealing
with sexuality," he said.

In order to have an
effect on the disease in the African-American community, he
added, "not only do we have to address the increase among
women, but we have to address the fact that gay men continue to
be the largest number of people living with AIDS and that, if
we look across the board, African-American gay men are infected
at a younger age -- we're talking mid to late teens and early

Carey of the Task Force
took issue with the
White House statement

following the Iowa supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage
that restated President Obama's support for civil

"We talked to them
about if there was anything else that we could do to educate
those in the White House who may be writing statements on
issues concerning our community," she said.

But asked about the
lack of big accomplishments like passing a hate-crimes bill or
issuing certain executive orders, leaders mostly agreed that
Obama's first 100 days have paved the way for very significant
and consistent advances to come.

"I've been
impressed," said Solmonese. "Given all that this president
and this administration has encountered coming in -- the most
daunting economic crisis in a generation, the war in Iraq and
heightening situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and,
quite frankly, all they have had to undo from the Bush
administration -- I'm optimistic and inspired by the first
100 days."

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