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Obama's Legacy: A Domino Effect of Freedom

The president's deft repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" set the stage for a remarkable string of LGBT wins, writes Don't Tell Me to Wait author Kerry Eleveld.

The LGBT Movement Is in Chaos

Lack of a singular vision for LGBT rights isn’t a cause for despair, especially when competing visions drive innovation.

Why Money Didn't Dry Up for LGBT Organizations

Some feared that in a post-Obergefell world, the money that funded LGBT organizations could dry up. Instead, marriage equality spurred typically apolitical philanthropic foundations to give more.

Kerry Eleveld's Message to Obama: 'Don't Tell Me to Wait'

As The Advocate's former news editor, Kerry Eleveld often went toe-to-toe with President Obama. In this excerpt from her new memoir, Don't Tell Me to Wait, Eleveld recounts a tense interaction with the president that preceded the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."

Key to Passing Nondiscrimination Bill: GOP Donors?

An unlikely constituency is funding the fight for LGBT rights, using the marriage equality road map.

The Midterms Were Worse Than You Think

A failure to elevate LGBT issues could mean no agenda for 2016 and beyond.

Where LGBT Candidates Need the Most Help, Get Least

The Victory Fund is proud of its success rate, but it's not taking enough chances where we need victories: the South and Midwest.

Clinton’s New Challenge: The Millennials

Millennials are more progressive on LGBT rights than Hillary was in 2008. Can she inspire them to the polls in a 2016 run?

Title VII Awakening

While the advancement of transgender Americans has sometimes been viewed as dependent upon the success of the broader LGBT movement, workplace protections are one place where trans Americans are pioneering a whole new area of the law--and lesbians, gays, and bisexuals appear to be following their lead.

The Silver Lining of Targeted Discrimination

A rash of antigay legislation in many states is having an unintended effect, and it's definitely not the one its sponsors wanted.

One Issue Still Bucks The Trend for LGBT Equality

The civil rights movement of the 20th Century has been a good template for LGBT rights except on employment. Why? We're still missing a key executive order of the kind that helped level the playing field for racial minorities.

ENDA: 5 Lessons in How The Movement Works

Passage in the Senate was unprecedented, and it signaled much about what still matters in our politics.

Who Is The Movement's Overlooked MLK?

In the search for the movement’s Martin Luther King, have we overlooked ourselves?

Senator Joe Manchin: A Sign of the Times

Senator Joe Manchin's support for ENDA marks a tipping point on the progress of LGBT rights.

Michael Bloomberg's Only Just Begun

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's three terms will match those of La Guardia and Koch -- but what of his legacy?

Gay Rights Finally Are Human Rights -- Here and Abroad

The fight with Russia over its antigay laws has illuminated the evolution of U.S. policy on equality.

How Marriage Equality Opponents Lost America

How marriage equality opponents, obsessed with sex, lost America.

Op-ed: We Are Not Gay, We Are Human

Democrats not only missed an opportunity to help on immigration reform, they missed the point, argues Kerry Eleveld.

5 Big Takeaways From Inside Supreme Court's DOMA Hearing

From her seat in the Supreme Court, reporter Kerry Eleveld highlights the most important moments in a hearing challenging the Defense of Marriage Act's constitutionality.