Denmark Passes Groundbreaking Gender 'Self-Determination' Law
September 03 2014 1:56 PM ET

Denmark Passes Groundbreaking Gender 'Self-Determination' Law

Mitch Kellaway

This week, Denmark became the first country to allow a legal gender change without a medical statement — but advocates say the law isn't perfect.

WATCH: First of 'Seven Sisters' Schools to Admit Trans Women
September 03 2014 12:11 PM ET

First 'Seven Sisters' School Now Admits Trans Women

Mitch Kellaway

'We must acknowledge that gender identity is not reducible to the body,' say Mt. Holyoke College officials of their historic decision to welcome applications from all trans students.

Gender-Nonconforming Teen Sues DMV That Denied License Photo
September 03 2014 11:45 AM ET

Gender-Nonconforming Teen Sues DMV

Mitch Kellaway

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is now facing legal action after allegedly discriminating against Chase Culpepper's gender expression.

August 29 2014 5:14 PM ET

Transparent Creator Jill Soloway's Dad Came Out as Trans to Her

Jeffrey Tambor will be playing a trans woman in Soloway’s upcoming Amazon show

Facebook Adds Gender-Neutral Family Relationship Settings
August 28 2014 8:10 PM ET

Facebook Takes Gender-Neutral Settings One Step Further

Parker Marie Molloy

Following up on February's expansion of gender options, the social networking site has addressed a lingering concern regarding relationship terminology.

STUDY: Is U.S. Military Ready for Open Trans Service?
August 27 2014 4:52 PM ET

STUDY: Is U.S. Military Ready for Open Trans Service?

Parker Marie Molloy

The movement to overturn the military's ban on open service by transgender people continues to gain momentum, putting pressure on the Defense Department to act.

Calif. Women's College Makes Trans-Inclusive History
August 27 2014 1:31 PM ET

This Women's College Just Made Trans-Inclusive History

Parker Marie Molloy

In a historic move, one California college has adopted an explicitly trans-inclusive admissions policy, making it the only school to do so among the nation's 119 single-sex college programs.

Diversity and the Dark Knight
August 27 2014 7:00 AM ET

Diversity and the Dark Knight

Jase Peeples

Batman may be a straight white rich guy, but many of the key people in his life are anything but.

Laverne Cox Distances Herself From Controversial Trans Inmate
August 26 2014 7:09 PM ET

Laverne Cox Distances Herself From Controversial Inmate

Parker Marie Molloy

After releasing a video in which she read an inmate's letter from prison, Laverne Cox has distanced herself from the project after learning of the gruesome details of the prisoner's past.

WATCH: Obamacare Opens Doors for Trans People, But Hurdles Still Exist
August 26 2014 5:00 AM ET

WATCH: What Obamacare Can Do For Trans People

Anna Gorman Kaiser Health News

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, transgender people like Devin Payne are able to obtain the health coverage they need. But obstacles to treatment endure.

Laverne Cox and Twin to Headline NYC's GenderFluid Fest
August 25 2014 12:12 AM ET

Laverne Cox and Twin to Headline NYC's GenderFluid Fest

Brandon Voss

The transgender arts festival will also include appearances by Kate Bornstein, Ian Harvie, Bianca Leigh, and Holly Woodlawn.

PHOTOS: U.K.'s 'Brighton Trans-formed' Celebrates Trans Lives
August 23 2014 8:00 AM ET

PHOTOS: Explore Britain's 'Brighton Trans*Formed'

Mitch Kellaway

A new oral history project highlights the vibrant members of Brighton, U.K.'s transgender community.

Chelsea Manning Isn't Getting Treatment, Despite Gov't 'Lip Service'
August 23 2014 1:33 AM ET

Chelsea Manning Isn't Getting Transition Treatment

Sunnivie Brydum

Manning's doctors have deemed her transition-related care medically necessary, but a new statement from the Wikileaks source says Defense Department promises are just lip service.