Right-Wing Group Proposes Antitrans Bathroom Law for California Ballot

Could Californians Soon See Antitrans Bathroom Law on Ballot?

The group Is gathering signatures for a ballot measure that would require use of the restroom matching one's 'biological sex.'

Op-ed: Leelah Alcorn 'Ciswashed' by the Media, White House

Op-ed: Leelah Alcorn 'Ciswashed' by the Media, White House

Response to White House support of a conversion therapy ban has erased the trans girl who inspired the proposed law.

Fateful Typo Discovered in Ky Peterson's Sentencing

Fateful Typo Discovered in Ky Peterson's Sentencing

The trans man's former public defender says he hasn't seen a discrepancy like this in 25 years of practicing law. Meanwhile, an assistant DA admits the sentence was 'not proper.'

Michigan Trans Teen Skater's Suicide Rocks Roller Derby Community

Trans Teen Skater's Suicide Rocks Mich. Derby Community

Derby teams nationwide are wearing '#DoItFor57' this weekend in honor of 15-year-old trans man Sam Taub.

Georgia Takes First Step Toward Reforming Trans Prison Policies

Georgia Policy Revisions Aim to Affirm Trans Prisoners

After a federal lawsuit and pressure from the Justice Department, Georgia officials are revising the way they treat transgender prisoners.

Laverne Cox Bares Her Body for Magazine Shoot

'Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about her body might be inspiring for some folks.'

Meet the Trans Man Who May Become Men's Health's 'Ultimate Guy' Cover

Hunky Aydian Dowling is currently dominating the polls in the magazine’s 'Ultimate Guy Search'

Watch Carl(a), Starring Laverne Cox, for Free in New York

The film will premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on April 20 as part of a fund raising campaign for the National Center of Transgender Equality.

After Years of Hiding in Hollywood, Trans Actress Trace Lysette Is Finally 'Living Out Loud'

After Years of Hiding, This Trans Actress Is 'Living Out Loud'

The Transparent star tells her inspiring story of going from the closet to 'living out loud' in her two new roles as feisty trans women on upcoming TV shows.

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