Transgender Woman Assaulted in Possible Hate Crime
January 16 2014 2:23 PM ET

Transgender Woman Assaulted in Possible Hate Crime

Parker Marie Molloy

The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force has been assigned to the case involving the assault on a transgender woman in an Astoria diner.

Op-Ed: I'm Not Convinced Keith Ablow Is An Ethical Doctor
January 16 2014 10:50 AM ET

Op-Ed: I'm 'Not Convinced' Keith Ablow Is Ethical

Parker Marie Molloy

2011 Misinformer of the Year Dr. Keith Ablow recently reaffirmed his belief that trans people don't exist, citing lack of "definitive proof."

Op-ed: When Stigma Overshadows The News
January 16 2014 6:30 AM ET

Op-ed: When Stigma Overshadows News

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Do LGBT news outlets do a disservice when they don't report on egregious things that happen among our population?

Federal Agency Reviewing Trans-Exclusionary Insurance Policies
January 15 2014 11:55 AM ET January 16 2014 3:31 PM ET

Federal Agency Reviewing Trans-Exclusive Insurance Policies

Parker Marie Molloy

The Office of Personnel Management is reviewing the insurance policies currently offered to agency employees, evaluating whether or not to include transition-related care on future plans.

Transgender Rights Bill Introduced in Maryland
January 14 2014 5:04 PM ET

Trans Rights Bill Introduced in Maryland

Parker Marie Molloy

A newly introduced piece of legislation aims to make Maryland the 18th state to outlaw discrimination against transgender people.

CeCe McDonald Released from Prison, Greeted by Laverne Cox
January 14 2014 1:21 PM ET

Laverne Cox Picks Up CeCe McDonald From Prison

Parker Marie Molloy

Transgender folk hero CeCe McDonald walks free after being paroled two thirds of the way through her sentence for manslaughter.

Calif. Trans Student Suspended Following Act of Protest
January 14 2014 11:42 AM ET

Calif. Trans Student Suspended Following Act of Protest

Parker Marie Molloy

A teenage girl was suspended from her California high school for failure to adhere to the dress code for female students in her district, something she did to shine light on mixed messages she's received from officials.

Chris Christie Vetoes N.J. Trans Birth Certificate Bill
January 13 2014 4:34 PM ET

Chris Christie Vetoes N.J. Trans Birth Certificate Bill

Parker Marie Molloy

In the wake of 'Bridgegate,' the New Jersey governor vetoed a bill designed to help transgender people streamline legal documents.

LISTEN: Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Unleashes 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues'
January 13 2014 11:41 AM ET

LISTEN: Against Me! Unleashes Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Parker Marie Molloy

Laura Jane Grace and company prepare the band's sixth full-length record, marking her first release since coming out as transgender.

WATCH: Katie Couric Responds to Invasive Trans Questions
January 12 2014 2:10 PM ET

WATCH: Katie Couric Responds to Invasive Trans Questions

Sunnivie Brydum

After questioning trans women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox about their genitals on her talk show last week, Katie Couric said she wanted to air the 'teachable moment.'

Bobbie Jean Baker, Trans Activist and Minister, Dead at Age 49
January 10 2014 3:11 PM ET

Trans Activist and Minister Dies at Age 49

Parker Marie Molloy

A prominent transgender activist died in a car accident on New Year's Day, leaving behind a legacy of love, compassion, and hope.

TransTeen Charged With Battery Following Schoolyard Altercation
January 09 2014 6:39 PM ET

WATCH: Trans Teen Charged With Battery After Altercation

Parker Marie Molloy

Jewelyes Gutierrez, a 16-year-old transgender student, has been charged with misdemeanor battery following a lunchtime fight at her high school.

Leaked Emails Support B. Scott's Claims of BET Discrimination
January 09 2014 3:02 PM ET

Leaked Emails Support B. Scott's Discrimination Claim

Sunnivie Brydum

Emails allegedly sent between network executives before and after the June 2013 BET Awards lend credibility to transgender media maven B. Scott's allegations of discrimination based on his gender identity.