Laverne Cox Gets Ice Cream Flavor Named for Her for Pride

Laverne Cox Gets Ice Cream Flavor Named for Her for Pride

At Three Twins Ice Cream in San Francisco, you can order Laverne Cox’s Chocolate Orange Is the New Black during Pride weekend.

Politico Compares Caitlyn Jenner to America’s First ‘Transgender Sweetheart’

The Story of America’s First ‘Transgender Sweetheart’

For this news source, it's a rare look at a transgender pioneer who also transitioned in the public eye.

Jeb Bush: 'I Don't Think There's a Problem' With Open Trans Military Service

Jeb Bush Doesn't See A Problem With Open Trans Service

At a small campaign gathering in Iowa, the newly announced Republican presidential candidate said he believes there's a job for everyone in the military.

WATCH: 'I'm Bisexual,' Says Rachel Dolezal

WATCH: 'I'm Bisexual,' Says Rachel Dolezal

The former NAACP Spokane chapter president also says she 'resonated' with Caitlyn Jenner's story in Vanity Fair.

WATCH: Google Ad Pulls Our Heartstrings with Trans Man's Emotional Evolution at Gym

WATCH: Google Pulls Heartstrings with Trans Man at Gym

Jake, a small-town trans man, finds himself at home in his body with the help of a supportive local gym in Kansas City, Mo.

First Trans Woman to Sing National Anthem at a Pro Sport Event Tonight in SF

Opera singer Breanna Sinclairé becomes the first transgender woman to sing the national anthem when she sings the "Star-Spangled Banner" at tonight's Oakland A’s game.

Detroit Woman Kicked Out of Restaurant Bathroom for Looking 'Like a Man' Sues

Woman Dragged From Bathroom for Looking 'Like A Man' Sues

Cortney Bogorad says an innocent trip to the bathroom ended with public humiliation and injuries from being physically thrown onto the street by a security guard.

WATCH: Fox News's Keith Ablow Predictably Uses Rachel Dolezal to Justify Transphobia

Fox News Predictably Justifies Transphobia with Rachel Dolezal

Fox News's favorite medical 'expert' returns to explain how trans kids accessing medical care is the same as doctors pressuring him to tattoo his child.

LGBT Republican Group Makes Caitlyn Jenner Its Poster Woman

LGBT Republicans Claim Caitlyn Jenner Cover for L.A. Pride

The Los Angeles chapter of Log Cabin Republicans displayed Jenner's image at L.A. Pride last weekend, bringing some criticism from Democrats.

Mike Huckabee Transphobia Fallout Continues: Nonprofit Cancels Their Speech Invite

Huckabee Disinvited to Speak After Transphobic 'Joke'

Though Mike Huckabee says he has no regrets about his antitrans jokes, Canada's Jewish National Fund appears to regret scheduling him at a benefit dinner.

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