Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: L.A. Pride in West Hollywood

The history of TLGB Pride celebrations is uniquely Los Angeles’s because of Christopher Street West. It was CSW that produced the world’s first Pride parade, on Hollywood Boulevard in 1970.

In 1979 the parade moved to West Hollywood, and now, 44 years later, the parade and festival in West Hollywood Park are some of the largest and best attended in the nation

Thanks to the talented photographer Tommy Wu, we have some great photos of the participants in the parade and the fun-loving crowd. See more of Tommy's work on his site, his Tumblr page, and his Facebook page.

Pridela 2014 001x633 0
Our version of rolling out the red carpet.

Pridela 2014 033x633 0
Looks like the weather was pretty nice.

Pridela 2014 003x633 0
Even the cleanup crew is glamorous in Los Angeles.

Pridela 2014 002x633 0
Yup, we get to hold hands wherever we want, not just at Pride parades.

Pridela 2014 013x633 0
Comic-Con meets Pride.

Pridela 2014 024x633 0
Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti joins the parade.

Pridela 2014 028x633 0
Pride parades are for families too.

Pridela 2014 038x633 0
There was plenty to see and do in WeHo Sunday.

Pridela 2014 051x633 0
Yup, diversity.

Pridela 2014 030x633 0
"What-the-hell?" moment  number 1.

Pridela 2014 055x633 0
Be sure to drink plenty of water if you decide to encase yourself in rubber or spandex.

Pridela 2014 009x633 0
Even Imperial Crown Princesses nee a contemplative moment — and time to check their email.

Pridela 2014 022x633 0
You can never have too much color, sequins, rainbows, and fishnet.

Pridela 2014 032x633 0
"What-the-hell?" moment number 2.

Pridela 2014 039x633 0
West Hollywood cheerleaders. We're feeling cheerful just looking at the photo.

Pridela 2014 040x633 0
Did we mention you can never have too many feathers? That's probably covered already.

Pridela 2014 047x633 0
Breathtaking glamour and taking a breather.

Pridela 2014 050x633 0
Native costumes and rituals added to the day's sense of ceremony.

Pridela 2014 053x633 0
Looking normal has relatively little value at the Pride parade.

Pridela 2014 054x633 0
"What-the-hell?" moment number 3.

Pridela 2014 044x633 0
Take a picture, boys! You'll want to remember this Pride celebration.


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