The Experts Assign Some Honeymoon Homework

Now that the work of the wedding is done, you need to unwind with your beloved. But you should prepare for that too.



“Regardless of climate, get a broad- spectrum SPF 50 or higher that protects against UVA and UVB. Try putting your face SPF on before your moisturizer. Ole Henriksen’s philosophy is to have the much-needed protection on the skin first, to form the most beneficial barrier. Don’t forget to reapply every few hours to face and body, because sun damage is not hot.

“Don’t skip your skincare regimens — you don’t want a pimple to join you for some face time. Modify if need be; tropical climates require less moisture, more SPF protection, and no aggressive chemicals. In cooler climates, your skin needs more hydration and SPF protection. Add a little luminosity to your body with some body oil. Ole Henriksen’s Lavender Body Oil ($28) is perfect for the occasion to give you a nice glow along with soft and supple skin for those close moments.

“Keeping fit with exercise is important for skin health, too, as is maintaining a decent diet, getting plenty of sleep (to pre- vent dark under-eye circles), and avoiding alcohol. If you’re like me, avoiding alcohol on vacation would be like finding a chupacabra — probably not going to happen. But whether you’re the body shot or martini type, maybe have one less drink. Your body, skin, and head will be thankful in the morning.

“Last but not least, get excited! Happiness and excitement will bring a true glow to your skin.”