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The Advocate is the world's leading source of LGBT news and politics. Discover the most recent articles published in the print issue, which is the oldest and largest gay magazine in the United States. Sort through The Advocate print issue archives to find articles written by the founders of the modern-day LGBT rights movement like Vito Russo and Gore Vidal. Find out about the historic magazine that was inspired by a police raid of a Los Angeles gay bar and has grown to become a prominent voice for topics related to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and its allies.
By George Clooneys Got Us

By George, Clooney’s Got Us

Gearing up for the one-night-only L.A. reading of 8, Dustin Lance Black’s Prop. 8 play, George Clooney reaffirms his commitment to marriage equality and opens up about persistent gay rumors, his bromance with Brad Pitt, and the prospect of playing Paul Lynde.

Kristen Bell: Saved By the Bell

Kristen Bell: Saved By the Bell

The Burlesque beauty and Gossip Girl narrator opens up for the first time about how marriage inequality has stalled her plans to wed fiancé Dax Shepard.

Why This Man Has to Fight to Be a Dad

Father Figure

An American gay man's adoption of two children abandoned by their parents sparks a national debate in Colombia.

Last Minute Tax Saver

Last-Minute Tax Saver

Got an IRA? This sneaky tax saving tip is perfectly legal, and there's still time to contribute for 2011.

A Small Way to Change the World

A Small Way Gay People Are Changing the World

LGBTs are learning that with Kiva, a tiny loan can change a life.

Meet the Bay Areas Baby Daddy

Meet the Bay Area's Baby Daddy

A California sperm donor is making the dreams of childless lesbian couples come true — but the federal government considers him a health threat.

Holding On

Holding On

 Bully, a staggering new documentary, follows five children over the course of a school year to examine America's bullying crisis.

Why Awake is the Best New Gay TV Show

 Why Is the Best New Gay TV Show

NBC’s most anticipated prime-time series, Awake, offers something precious to LGBT viewers.

Romance and Roulette

Romance and Roulette: Why Vegas Is for Gay Lovers

Las Vegas might not spring to mind for same-sex loving, but it should.

Return of Rock Lobster

Return of Rock Lobster

Written by Aaron Fricke in 1981, Reflections of a Rock Lobster is an autobiographical tale of the then 18-year-old high school senior who — more than three decades before Constance McMille

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