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Microaggressions are those barely-there slights, they’re the many tiny slights that grate across our days.

July 18 2014 4:01 AM

Two words have been conflated with trans identities, and those words have hijacked much of the discourse.

July 18 2014 4:00 AM

When you're ready to affirm your true gender but the job market is not.

July 17 2014 4:00 AM

The maibis, a community of women mediums in India’s northeast Manipur state, lead a mystical existence, acting as religious counselors and oracles to the human world from that of the Meitei gods.

July 16 2014 4:03 AM

The attack by self-identified radical feminists on trans people’s participation in feminism and the LGBT movement has never been a response to any bad behavior by trans women or trans men.

July 16 2014 4:00 AM

Men of all genders benefit from the complicit oppression of black women.

July 15 2014 4:00 AM

While the advancement of transgender Americans has sometimes been viewed as dependent upon the success of the broader LGBT movement, workplace protections are one place where trans Americans are pioneering a whole new area of the law—and lesbians, gays, and bisexuals appear to be following their lead.

July 15 2014 4:00 AM