Notes From Outgames: The Soccer Player

Our interview from Outgames series continues with Heather Harrison, who was all about volleyball in college, but made the switch to a lesbian soccer league.



What's more difficult, soccer or volleyball?Volleyball, hands down. It's such a technical sport. Each person on the team has to do the right thing for everyone to succeed. I really love volleyball."

What did you take from your volleyball past onto the soccer field?The fact that it is a team sport, and that you have to realize that.

Sporting superstitions? You cannot wear indoor volleyball shoes outdoors. If you do, it will get them dirty and ruin your game. Also, when warming up for a volleyball match, you cannot run on the court during warm-ups, just on the edges.

Team play?I love team sports. I really appreciate the fact that you can be the best player on a team, but you need that whole team to be a success.

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