Thousands Rally at South Carolina Statehouse to 'Stand With God' Against Marriage Equality

Thousands 'Stand With God' Against Marriage Equality in S.C.

The self-proclaimed ‘Pro-Family Rally’ featured speeches from Texas-based Presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Rick Perry.

WATCH: Can You Spot the Lies in These Ted Cruz Videos?

Can You Spot the Lies in These Ted Cruz Videos?

The Republican presidential candidate and his supporters are spreading lies and half-truths about 'persecution' of antigay Christians.

Ellen Page Faces Off With Antigay Ted Cruz About LGBT Rights at Iowa State Fair

WATCH: Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz on LGBT Rights

The actress, who came out in 2014, confronted the Republican presidential candidate about LGBT rights.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Calls Congressional Hearing to Shame 'Supreme Court Activism'

WATCH: Ted Cruz's Tantrum Over 'SCOTUS Activism'

The Texas Senator and GOP presidential hopeful was all doom-and-gloom at his sparsely attended congressional hearing about the dangers of 'judicial tyranny.'

WATCH: Ted Cruz Misrepresents Iowa Discrimination Case 'In Defense of Religious Liberty'

Ted Cruz's Antigay Spin 'In Defense of Religious Liberty' Will Give You Whiplash

Cruz laments that a wedding venue's owners were 'forced' to close down, when in fact they are doing so voluntarily rather than comply with antidiscrimination law.

WATCH: Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck Think Marriage Equality Has Destroyed the Constitution

Cruz, Beck Think 'Gay Marriage' Destroyed the Constitution

The right-wing politician and the pundit traded doomsday fantasies now that the freedom to marry has gone nationwide.

Ted Cruz and the Fallout for Fire Island

Ted Cruz and the Fallout for Fire Island

The fallout from the Ted Cruz dinner, hosted by a pair of gay real estate magnates, washes onshore at the Fire Island Pines.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Says Supreme Court 'Justices Violated Their Judicial Oath'
June 29 2015 1:05 PM ET

WATCH: Ted Cruz Says 'Justices Violated Their Judicial Oath'

Senator Ted Cruz says he believes the Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of same-sex marriage and national health care "rewrote the Constitution."

Out NYC Hotel Co-Owner Cut $2,700 Check to Ted Cruz

Out NYC Hotel Co-Owner Cut $2,700 Check to Ted Cruz

Ian Reisner first said the dinner he hosted for Ted Cruz was not a fundraiser, but he was just caught giving money to the candidate.

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