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Randy Rainbow Skewers 'Cancun Cruz' & 'Lady G' to Oklahoma Tune 

Randy Rainbow

In his latest musical parody, Randy Rainbow lambastes GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham for their recent faux outrage during a recent trip to the United States/Mexican border.

“They oughta be embarrassed by their hypocrisy, stringing their constituents along,” Rainbow sings to the tune of “Kansas City” from Oklahoma. “But it’s only like the corrupted GOP, pretending like they don’t know right from wrong.”

Rainbow points out that Cruz couldn’t be bothered with the humanitarian crisis that occurred in his home state of Texas during a massive winter storm that left hundreds of thousands without power and water. Instead, Cruz took off to Cancun.

“Everyone loves to hate on Ted and Lindsey. Their problem isn’t popularity. You’d think they’d be ashamed of the shenanigans they try, but never Cancun Cruz or Lady G,” Rainbow sings. “Everyone loves to hate on Ted and Lindsey, who cheered on every coup and quid pro quo.”  

Watch the video below.

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