A View With a Room

The Navajo Nation opens a sleek hotel in the Southwest's iconic Monument Valley.



THE VIEW HOTEL 03 x390 (courtesy) | advocate.com

Just about every space inside the eco-consciously designed hotel is optimized to take advantage of the surroundings. Even the views from the exercise room and the handful of units facing west are jaw-dropping, especially at sunset, and the lone elevator has a small window, lest you go even a moment without admiring the setting. At night Monument Valley's rich copper, ocher, and crimson hues give way to a jet-black sky dappled with brilliantly twinkling stars-light pollution is nil in this part of the world.

The live-and-let-live Navajo Nation's mystical environs have long been a popular getaway among same-sex couples seeking romance, spiritual enrichment, and tranquility. It's hard to imagine a more alluring spot for a restorative retreat than this upscale yet low-key hotel, whose 96 rooms come with carved-wood furnishings, plush beds with Navajo spreads, and a few requisite modern conveniences (you don't have to use the free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV, but it's nice to know they're there). The best viewing entertainment, of course, lies right outside your window.

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