Not Your Mother's Mother's Day Cards

Do the shiny happy families on traditional Mother's and Father's Day cards leave you out? The folks at may have a greeting with you in mind.



In 2011, Strong Families set out to reach and highlight women who are often overlooked in the mainstream celebration of Mother’s Day — low-income moms, young moms, immigrant moms, single moms, incarcerated moms, queer moms, and moms struggling with substance abuse, among others.

“Just about everyone we spoke with felt mixed at best about typical Mother’s Day celebrations. Our family structures, stories and identities were missing, stereotyped or misunderstood, so we set out to change this,” said Eveline Shen, Executive Director of Forward Together who leads the Strong Families Initiative. “We tapped into something visceral in these moms—the desire to be visible, honored and appreciated rather than targeted by stigma and distain. Additionally, individuals sent donations, artists asked how they could be involved; and we were inundated with contributions from bloggers from around the country.”

Strong Families is a national initiative led by Forward Together. Our goal is to change the way people think, feel and act in support of families. Make and send a custom Mama’s Day e-card at

"I saw the Strong Families campaign on FB last year, and it was so tender, moving, and right on. I saw it as a careful dedication to the lives and love between groups of people who are often un-represented, or carelessly represented in media. Coming from where I'm from, being who I am, these cards made me feel a little more seen in the world. That I am thankful for, and that is why I wanted to create a card." — Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski

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