Aug Sept 2016
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Hackers Give Antigay Politician New Website, Replacing Rants with Rainbows

Cory Bernardi

LGBT activists down under seized an opportunity to rebrand the man the local news media calls “South Australia’s favorite firebrand” with a new website festooned with a rainbow, and dropping his slogan “Common Sense Lives Here” with the far more inclusive tagline, “Compassion Lives Here.”

Cory Bernardi

Sen. Cory Bernardi is an outspoken opponent of  same-sex marriage and Australia’s Safe Schools Program, which teaches respect for LGBT children. The new site went live overnight on social media, according to, at the URL

Bernardi's actual website is, without the “au” suffix typically found in Australia. Although the new site never belonged to Bernardi, by neglecting to register the domain he left himself to hackers. 

Bernardi organized support for a government investigation into the Safe Schools program, according to, and has called for an end to its funding.

On Thursday, he told Sky News that the anti-bullying curriculum was actually bullying children into conforming to what he called the “homosexual agenda.”