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My Pride Flight With 250 Singing, Dancing, Drinking Gay Guys

A dozen lesbians, several drag queens, and at least one out trans woman joined the boys on a special flight from London to WorldPride.

Meet Kaia Naadira, the Nonbinary Activist Daughter of #MeToo's Founder

Artist and filmmaker Kaia Naadira got their activist fire from Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement.

'LGBTQ' Didn't Feel Right to This Actor, But 'Two-Spirit' Did

Ty Defoe, proudly embracing his Native queer identity, is making a name for himself on Broadway.

Inside the Fight for the Legacy of Marsha P. Johnson

Trans activist Reina Gossett accuses out filmmaker David France of stealing her work to make his film about the Stonewall icon. But there's more than scandal beneath the surface.


Dear Chelsea Manning: Please Don’t Do This

One trans woman to another: Your bid for the U.S. Senate is doomed to fail, even if you win.

These Trans Texans Aren't Afraid to Stand Up to Bullies and Bigots

Meet two women and a man who go out of their way to stand up for their community and fellow Texans.

The Challenge of Being Mom

"The hardest job I've Ever Loved." 

Trans CEO Martine Rothblatt Talks Transition, Trump, & True Love

The trans pioneer -- who founded  SiriusXM and created a pharmaceutical company to save her youngest daughter -- tells The Advocate Donald Trump is "irrelevant" to trans rights.

Russian Paper Fears for Staff After Chechen Clerics Vow Vengeance

Muslim clerics issued a resolution following the report about authorities rounding up gay men, promising "retribution" for those working at the newspaper, "with no statute of limitations."

She's Back! Hillary Clinton Calls Trump's Cuts 'A Grave Mistake'

"Here I go again," the former secretary of state told Georgetown University students, "talking about research, evidence and facts."

'I Will Have My Day in Court:' Kimberly Hively's Landmark Victory for LGB Civil Rights

With the federal appeals court deciding that Title VII protections against discrmination do apply to sexual orientation, the lesbian teacher now goes back to a trial court, three years after filing suit.

Insecure About His Manhood? Russia Outlaws This Image of Putin

The Justice Ministry quietly designated the photoshopped image of President Vladimir Putin wearing makeup as "extremist" material, essentially outlawing it from being circulated.

Human Rights Watch Calls for Investigation Into Syria Attack

Human Rights Watch suspects both Russia and Syria are lying when they blame the deaths of at least 100 civilians on an explosion at a nearby chemical plant. This was no accident. 

Warning: this video might be too intense for some viewers. 

ACT UP Commemorates its 30th Anniversary (Video)

The group formed to fight indifference and opposition to proper care for people living with HIV and AIDS in 1987 is rededicating itself to fighting President Donald Trump's policies.

George Takei's Next Big Thing: His Life in A Graphic Novel (Video)

Oh, myyyy! The publication due in 2018 will detail his experience in a World War II internment camp, his Star Trek career, social media and LGBT activism.

French Musician to Perform Anti-Donald Trump Concert Near Dead Sea

To combat the president's anti-environmental policies and raise awareness of the shrinking Dead Sea, Jean-Michel Jarre plans an all-night concert at that spot shared by Israel, Jordan and Palestinians.

Trump Admin. Cuts LGBT Questions Out of Federal Surveys

LGBT advocates are sounding the alarm after the Trump administration eliminated questions on sexuality from two federal surveys. 

Women's Hockey Team Threatens to Sit Out Championship Over Pay

The women on the U.S. national team are asking for more than money. They want equal benefits and access to marketing on par with male hockey players. 

Sir Ian McKellen Calls Beauty and the Beast Gay Controversy 'Rubbish'

The legendary out actor commented on the sexual orientation of the character LeFou, and the lack of gay characters in general: "Why should they be excluded?"