Michigan Lawmaker: Hold Pro-LGBT Schools Liable for Student STDs

Should Pro-LGBT Schools Be Held Liable for STDs?

Antigay State Rep. Gary Glenn wants schools who tell students it is okay to be gay held financially and criminally liable if the student contracts an STD.

Florida Cop Suspended After Allegedly Forcing Lesbian Teen to Strip, Making Sexual Gestures

Fla. Cop Suspended, Allegedly Forced Lesbian Teen to Strip

A lesbian couple say Sgt. Jesus Menocal, Jr. demanded a teen take off her clothes and asked sexual questions, allegedly implying he might rape her.

Trans Teen Nicole Maines's Acting Debut in Royal Pains Has an Important Message

Trans Teen's Acting Debut in Royal Pains Has an Important Message

The Maine teen, famed for winning a landmark decision allowing her to use the girl's bathroom at school, plays a trans dancer struggling with transition-related healthcare.

Teacher and Assistant Principal Resign After Parent Outrage Over Gay Fairy Tale

Sad, Scary Ending After Teacher Reads Gay Fairy Tale to Class

A teacher and his assistant principal felt they could no longer count on administrators to support them after outraged parents objected to the reading of King & King.

Teen Comes Out With Best Yearbook Quote of Our Times

A good old-fashioned punning out.

ACLU Sues Virginia School Board Over Trans-Exclusionary Restroom Policy

Va. School Board Sued Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

The Gloucester County School Board's requirement that trans students use only single-stall restrooms is unconstitutional, the ACLU argues.

Op-ed: This Trans Teen Escaped Hell Twice

Op-ed: This Trans Teen Escaped Hell Twice

After she sought political asylum in the U.S., Mexican-born Victoria Villalba was tossed into a dangerous detention center. She narrowly survived the experience, and is now being rewarded for her courage in fighting for a new life.

WATCH: Washington's Newest Trans Prom Queen Celebrates Her 'True Self'

WATCH: This Trans Prom Queen Celebrates Her 'True Self'

Brooklynn Buenventura has come a long way from the first time she was elected to homecoming court, when she 'hid' herself in a tuxedo.

A New Kind of Fairytale Spotlights Gay Hero

The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived Is Gay

Hulu premieres a groundbreaking children’s tale with an out hero.

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