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Alabama Extends Anti-Trans Sports Policy to Colleges and Universities

Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill to that effect into law Tuesday.

Southern Queers: New Study Reveals the Reality of LGBTQ+ People in the South

While bucking some stereotypes, the study emphasizes the need for LGBTQ+ safe spaces in southern states.

Family of Bullied Gay Teen Who Died by Suicide Settles With Alabama School District

One administrator allegedly blamed the gay student for his social media post and said being gay was a choice.

Drag Queen Story Hour Results in Death Threats Against Animal Shelter

The right-wing hate account Libs of TikTok targeted a nonprofit animal shelter because it hosted a drag queen story hour.

Teacher on Leave After Saying Devil's Behind Pride Event

Leigh Ann Courington, who teaches history at Wallace State Community College in Alabama, made anti-LGBTQ+ and racist remarks on Facebook.

Families With Trans Kids Are Fleeing Hostile States for Welcoming Ones

Anti-trans moves by politicians in Texas, Alabama, and elsewhere are leading families to seek friendlier locales.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Take Effect in Five More States

It's not just Florida -- Alabama, Tennessee, South Dakota, Utah, and Indiana have anti-LGBTQ+ laws coming into force now.

Campaign Seeks to Support LGBTQ+ Rights in Red States

The United We Stand initiative, from Unilever, Rana Reeves, and Tourmaline, looks to support LGBTQ+ rights groups in areas with lackluster queer rights records.

John Oliver Blasts 'Garbage Lady' Kay Ivey for Anti-Trans Law

Alabama's law criminalizing the provision of gender-affirming care to minors "is absolutely appalling," Oliver said.

Judge Blocks Part of Alabama Law Criminalizing Gender-Affirming Care

While some aspects of the law remain, LGBTQ+ rights groups representing the families that sued over it have praised the ruling.

Alabama Law Criminalizing Gender-Affirming Care for Youth Takes Effect

Opponents of the law have asked a judge to block it, but that hasn't happened -- and doctors and patients are deeply concerned. 

'Science' Behind Texas/Alabama Anti-Trans Policy Is 'Full of Errors'

Texas's justification for "child abuse" investigations and Alabama's rationale for restrictions on gender-affirming care are riddled with inaccuracies, a new study says.

Justice Dept. Seeks to Block Alabama Trans Health Care Ban

The department filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit against the ban and asks a court to keep it from going into effect.

Alabama's State Motto Is Something Governor Kay Ivey Ignores

If state legislatures believe they are defending the rights of all residents, they haven't been paying attention.

GOP Candidate Targets LGBTQ+ Children in ‘Disgusting’ Campaign Ad

Tim James, a Republican candidate in Alabama, is taking aim at queer minors in his bid to become governor. 

Families and Doctors Sue Over Trans Health Care Ban in Alabama

A new law would deprive trans youth of lifesaving care -- and it's unconstitutional, two lawsuits say.

Alabama GOP Gov. Signs Bill Making Gender-Affirming Care a Felony

GOP Gov. Kay Ivey also signed a bill that would be the state's version of a "don't say gay" law and bans trans students from using the restroom that matches their gender identity.

Listen to Viral Clip of Gay Ala. Rep. Speak Against Anti-Trans Bills

"Just don't you dare call me a friend after this," Neil Rafferty said as his colleagues criminalized gender-affirming health care for minors.

Alabama Advances 'Don't Say Gay' Legislation in Last-Minute Amendment

The "don't say gay" measure was attached to an anti-trans "bathroom bill."

Alabama Is Steps Away From Making Gender-Affirming Care a Felony

The proposed legislation would make treating anyone under 18 with care punishable by up to 10 years in prison.