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American Family Association

Learn more about the American Family Association, a charity organization that is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Read the latest news about the AFA, which is helmed by Bryan Fischer, an antigay pundit, as well as Tim Wildmon. The American Family Association is a Minnesota-based organization that focus on 'moral issues,' lobbing against causes like abortion and same-sex marriage. Find out more about AFA and other groups that oppose equality for LGBTs in the United States.

Sims' Trans Characters Have Christian Zealots Seeing End of Days

The video game represents "modern-day manifestations of Ahab and Jezebel."

One Million Moms Calls Adorable Ad With Same-Sex Couples 'Perversion'

The anti-LGBTQ+ group is losing sleep over the inclusive ad for Avocado Green Mattress.

Your Tax Dollars Are Supporting Anti-LGBTQ+ Organizations

Recipients of loans under the Paycheck Protection Program include the Catholic Church and the American Family Association.

Bryan Fischer: COVID-19 Upside Is Kids Won't Hang Out With Drag Queens

With schools shut down, children won't be "brainwashed" with pro-LGBTQ ideology, the homophobe writes.

Antigay Hate Group Exaggerates Influence on Chick-fil-A Donations

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association boasts of receiving a letter from the company's CEO about its giving policy that actually went to hundreds.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer: 'The Nazi Party Started in a Gay Bar'

The American Family Association commentator continues to promulgate a bizarre origin story about the Nazis.

W.H. Denies Homophobe Is on Advisory Council, Denies Council Exists

The American Family Association still claims their president was appointed to Trump's Faith Advisory Council.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer: Hallmark Caved to 'Gay Gestapo'

The hateful commentator once again uses Nazi imagery to refer to LGBTQ people.

Antigay Activist Tim Wildmon Joins Trump's Faith Advisory Council

The council is already a who's who of anti-LGBTQ leaders, but Wildmon's American Family Association is one of the most hateful groups in the nation.

One Million Moms Is a Secretive Antigay Group That Can't Stop Failing

This inflated offshoot of the American Family Association works (unsuccessfully) to punish pro-LGBTQ companies.

Hate Group: Cis Man's Alleged Sex Crime Is Why We're Boycotting Target

The American Family Association is grasping at straws in its anti-trans "Boycott Target" campaign.

Homophobe Bryan Fischer Says All Gay Tops and Bottoms Go to Hell

Fischer also says Pete Buttigieg is "prancing" around the nation and that the Equality Act will protect pedophiles.

Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Goes Nuclear Over Gay Walmart Ad

The American Family Association is siccing its followers on the retailer because it "normalizes homosexual relationships."

Homophobic, Transphobic Organization Touts 2018 'Victories'

The American Family Association claims it has the power to influence popular culture, destroy corporations, and place justices on the Supreme Court.

Anti-LGBTQ Group: Don't Reappoint Lesbian and Her 'Sexual Sin' to EEOC

The American Family Association wants its supporters to contact Donald Trump and urge him to withdraw Chai Feldblum's renomination to the body.


Anti-LGBTQ Group Takes Credit (Wrongly) for Target Stock Decline

The American Family Association claims its boycott of Target is working, but investment experts cite other reasons for the retailer's market performance.

Why the Religious Right Hates Target

The anti-LGBTQ American Family Association is loudly calling for a boycott of the retailer.

Christian Right Group Reignites Target Boycott

The American Family Association is repeating its call to boycott Target over its inclusive restroom policy.