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Shonda Rhimes to Antigay Viewer: 'Bye Felicia'

Shonda Rhimes to Antigay Viewer: 'Bye Felicia'

Shonda Rhimes has taken an antigay viewer of How to Get Away With Murder to task.

The Hollywood showrunner responded to the tweet of a disgruntled fan of the ABC series, which has featured sex scenes between two men in the first few episodes of its debut season.

The Twitter user, @Dabdelhakiem, told Rhimes that "the gay scenes" were "too much," had "no point," and "add nothing to the plot."

Rhimes sent several tweets in response, using the occasion as a teachable moment for naysayers of "Shondaland," a triumvirate of dramas including Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, which, in terms of both race and sexual orientation, have been lauded as the gold standard in character diversity for network television.

"There are no GAY scenes," Rhimes shot back. "There are scenes with people in them."

Rhimes went on to state that anyone who would use the phrase "gay scenes" is "NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia."

See the exchange as well as one of the steamy scenes in question below.


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