7 Things That Are Everything This Week

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Party, read, listen, watch, go, and geek out with the 7 things that are everything this week.

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Those People
We all know those people. And by Those People, we mean the new film about a New York painter named Charlie, who is obsessed with the son of a disgraced investment banker in the jungles of the Upper East Side. Oh, to be young and gay and affluent and scandalous in New York City. Written and directed by Joey Kuhn, the film will be screening at various LGBT film festivals this summer, including Frameline in San Francisco June 19. Watch the filthy rich trailer below.

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Giorgio Moroder, Déjà Vu Album Megamix
The trailblazing EDM producer (and practically the father of gay dance music) Giorgio Moroder has released a fierce megamix sampler from his destined-to-be-legendary album Déjà Vu (dropping June 12). With a superstar lineup of guest vocalists which include the likes of Kylie, Britney, Sia, Charlie XCX, and more, don’t even try to pretend this album won’t find its way to the top of your next playlist.  

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The Gay Comic Geek
From comics and collectibles to super-powered cinema and supernatural TV, vlogger Paul Charles — known throughout the interwebs by his heroic alter ego, The Gay Comic Geek — delivers more nerdy news on the regular than your geeky heart can handle. No-nonsense, energetic reviews and frequent trips to conventions around the country make his videos a must for any gay geek worth his spandex — and of course the fact that he is one of the most impressive cosplayers out there doesn’t hurt one bit. Check out his review of the upcoming Supergirl TV series below and fly faster than a speeding bullet over to his website for more

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The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus
Writer David Reddish (Sex, Drugs, and Superheroes) delivers a spellbinding story of intrigue, spirituality and undying love in The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus. This 2015 Lambda Literary Award Nominee for Outstanding Romance uncovers a secret history of Christianity and queer relationships by cleverly fictionalizing a true story of love between two Roman soldiers. The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus is available in physical and electronic editions on Amazon. The audiobook version, read by the author, is set for release Monday on Audible.com and iTunes.


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