WATCH: Chris Rock Shouldn't Host Oscars, Says Tyrese


Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson wants popular comedian Chris Rock to step down from his duties as host to this year’s Academy Awards. 

Speaking to People magazine’s online talk show People NOW, Gibson voiced his concern about the lack of racial diversity in this year’s Oscar nominees and said the only way to make real change is for affected people to take action and make a stand.

“There is no joke that he can crack. There is no way for him to seize the moment and come into this thing and say, ‘I’m going to say this and say that I'm going to address the issue but then I'm still going to keep my gig as the host,’” he said, suggesting that Rock pull out of this year’s ceremony. “The statement that you make is that you step down.” 

Gibson also brought up how people rally on issues regarding the LGBT community, theorizing that if Rock was queer and the Academy purposefully snubbed LGBT actors, he would have already declined his position as host.

“If the host Chris Rock was a homosexual, he would have stepped down already,” Gibson said.

“If you have a problem with feeling like you’re being excluded, all across the board, you don’t just sit on your hands and complain,” he continued. “You fix it.” 

Watch Gibson’s interview with People NOW in the video below.

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