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Celebrities React to Cancelation of Sirius OutQ

Sirius OutQ

When Out broke the news Wednesday that SiriusXM OutQ, SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s LGBT channel, was being canceled, the Twittersphere erupted with fans mourning the loss of the only channel available on satellite radio that specifically highlighted LGBT interests and issues.

Sirius XM’s initial announcement stated that the channel would be removed from the satellite service as of Saturday and the streaming service next Thursday with popular programs as The Frank DeCaro Show, also featuring Doria Biddle, signing off at the end of the week. But then Sirius XM unceremoniously pulled the plug early without explanation why shows like DeCaro’s — which has aired for 12 years — were denied their final farewell.

In the days since the first announcement, several celebrities have voiced via social media both outrage and shock over the cancellation and supportive messages thanking the various hosts for their years of service to the LGBT population. 

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