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6 Politically-Minded Plays and Musicals Not to Miss

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In today’s political climate, it’s important for artists to emerge and express the world we live in, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

The whole point of art is to hold a mirror onto nature, to show the experiences of humanity at its purest form — its beauties, vulnerabilities, and imperfections. Considering the tumultuous times we’re in, audiences seem to be searching for some kind of escapism. What better way to escape than by going to the theater?

Artists have captured the ugliness (and beauty) of human history throughout the ages by chronicling it in various forms of performance art. When it comes to Resistance, some performances just can’t be missed. While the following productions are simply a handful of projects displaying the courage artists require to inspire change, they certainly represent the underground world of Resistance Art. 

Get a glimpse on the following pages. 


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